Virtual SMS Handset

Virtual SMS Handset

Send SMS messages via the internet


  • Allows you to send and receive SMS's from your desktop
  • Simple to setup and use
  • Messages delivered instantly


  • Requires payment after 9 free messages


Sometimes it's much quicker and convenient to send SMS messages directly from your desktop rather than pick up your mobile phone. Virtual SMS Handset allows you to do exactly this via a simple interface that sends messages to mobiles anywhere in the world.

Initially, you have to sign-up for an account which only takes a few minutes. Once done, the developers will send you a username and password that you use to log onto the service.

The interface is split into two - on the left you can compose messages and enter the recipient's number. On the right, you have your inbox where messages are received.

The program assigns you a random number to receive messages. You can give this number to anyone and all messages that they send to it will be received in your Virtual SMS inbox.

You also have the option of diverting messages to your mobile phone.

Messages are sent instantly and in a test, I found that the message was received within seconds of sending it.

You are given 9 free credits for 9 messages but after that, you must pay to continue using the service using a Visa card. This is a great simple little program, the only downside being that you have to pay for more credit once you've used-up your free messages.

Why not send SMS messages from your desktop instead of your mobile? Virtual SMS handset allows you to send and receive mobile text messages directly from your desktop.

Virtual SMS Handset


Virtual SMS Handset

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